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Bowel preparation before a colonoscopy is extremely important. Good preparation allows a physician to thoroughly examine a colon. The bowels need to be completely and carefully cleaned so that the doctor can easily discover any potential problems. Polyps or other abnormalities may be harder to notice if the bowels aren’t prepped and emptied properly prior to the procedure.  You should consult the gastroenterologist that is performing your procedure for you about the details of your bowel preparation (solution, specific instructions) to ensure it is done correctly to allow for a better prep rather than relying on general instructions.  Do not discontinue any medications prior to your procedure without speaking with your doctor. Procedural preparations also change and evolve with time, so it is important to understand what preparation, solution, and instructions your doctor recommends now for the best preparation for your procedure.

Instructions for Suprep Colonoscopy Split Prep Procedure at Manhattan Gastroenterology. Learn more about Colonoscopy Procedure

3 Days Prior To Suprep Colonoscopy Procedure

  • If you haven’t already done so, pick up your prescription for SUPREP at the pharmacy.
  • Start a low fiber diet
  • Stop any iron supplements
  • Arrange for your transportation from the colonoscopy procedure
  • If you need to cancel your procedure, please call the office at 212-427-8761

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2 Days Prior To Suprep Colonoscopy Procedure

  • If you have not already done so, please pick up your prescription for SUPREP at the pharmacy. You will need to drink it tomorrow.
  • Do not eat any solid food after midnight.

1 Day Prior To Suprep Colonoscopy Procedure

  • Begin a clear liquid diet. You can have water, clear broth or bouillon, coffee or tea (no milk or creamer), Gatorade, Powerade, Pedialyte, carbonated and non carbonated soft drinks, Kool-Aid or other fruit flavored drinks, Jell-O, popsicles, and hard candy. No red or purple fluids are allowed
    Any of the following liquids are OK to drink

    Strained fruit juices (without pulp) including apple, orange, white grape, or white cranberry
    Limeade or lemonade
    Coffee or tea. DO NOT use any dairy or non-dairy creamer
    Chicken Broth
    Chicken broth
    Gelatin Dessert
    Gelatin desserts without added fruit or toppings (NO RED OR PURPLE)

    The SUPREP Bowel Prep Kit contains two 6-ounce bottles of liquid bowel prep and one 16 ounce mixing container. You must complete the entire prep to ensure the most effective cleansing.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water of clear liquids throughout the day
  • At 6 PM: Pour one 6 ounce bottle of the SUPREP into the mixing cup that is with the kit. Add cool water to the red line on the cup. This will equal 16 ounces. Stir and mix the mixture. Drink the entire mixture in the cup.
    Step 1
    Step 1: Pour ONE (1) 6-ounce bottle of SUPREP liquid into the mixing container.
    Step 2
    Step 2: Add cool drinking water to the 16-ounce line on the container and mix.NOTE: Be sure to dilute SUPREP as shown on the left before you drink it.
    Step 3
    Step 3: Drink ALL the liquid in the container.
    Step 4
    Step 4: You must drink two (2) more 16-ounce containers of water over the next 1 hour.
  • You should have bowel movements in 1 – 2 hours. Bloating will occur and is normal. It will pass. Walk around to improve bloating. Continue drinking clear liquids until you go to bed.

6 hours before arrival time (this may require getting up in the middle of the night or very early morning)

  1. Do not have breakfast of any kind.
  2. Repeat steps 1-4 in the above diagram. This is essential for the good preparation of the colon.
  3. Continue to drink clear liquids until 3 hours before your scheduled arrival time.
  4. All oral diabetic medications should not be taken the day of the procedure (please discuss with your doctor)
  5. Patients on insulin should contact the physician who prescribes the insulin for instructions for a day prior to and day of the procedure (please discuss with your doctor)
  6. Take all your heart, blood pressure, and seizure medication as usual with small sips of water (discuss with your doctor prior)
  7. Allow enough time for the laxative to finish working before traveling.
  8. You should be accompanied by a friend or relative to drive or assist you home. You will not be allowed to drive for 12 hours after the procedure.

3 hours before your procedure:  Do not drink any more liquids.


  1. Because you are receiving moderate sedation, you must have an adult (18 years or older) accompany you home. The driver must be flexible as the procedure may run longer than expected. If you do not have a ride, we cannot do the procedure with sedation.
  2. The person driving you must accompany you at check in for confirmation and instructions for pick up.
  3. You should not plan to work, schedule other appointments or meetings following your procedure. You should not drive for the remainder of the day.
  4. After your procedure is completed, you may experience some cramping or bloating because of the air introduced into the colon during the examination. This should discontinue promptly with the passage of gas.
  5. Generally, you should be able to eat after your procedure, but your doctor may restrict your diet and activities ,especially if a polyp was removed.


  1. You should be prepared to be near the bathroom during this preparation. The laxative can take effect within 1‐4 hours.
  2. The laxative will cause you to have very loose, watery stools. That is the goal. Take the entire laxative to be sure your colon will be well prepped for viewing.
  3. Consider having a soothing cream such as Vaseline, A&D Ointment, or Desiten available to reduce irritation from frequent bowel movements.
  4. Please pay close attention to the directions concerning what you should and should not eat and drink to avoid having to reschedule your procedure.
  5. You should allow enough time for the laxative to finish working before traveling.

Alternatively, you can download instructions in doc format: Colonoscopy Suprep Split Dose Prep

Please call our office at 212 427 8761 if you have any further questions.

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