Colonoscopy with Moviprep

Preparation Instructions for colonoscopy procedure with Moviprep: Diet and Medication

7 Days Prior To Procedure 

  1. Stop aspirin, products containing aspirin, Plavix, Aggrenox, Alka-seltzer, iron supplements, vitamin supplements containing vitamin E & C, garlic, Ginseng, Ginkgo Bilbao, Ginger, saw Palmetto, Pepto Bismol, multivitamins, fish oils, or any other herbal supplements.
  2. Avoid popcorn, nuts, corn, beans & poorly digestible vegetables (corn, broccoli, etc)
  3. Stop non-steroidal inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) such as Motrin, Advil, Aleve, etc. Tylenol is permitted

3 Days Prior To Procedure

• Stop Coumadin/Warfarin

**lf you do take Coumadin/Warfarin, Lovenox, anti-platelet agents (Ticlid or Plavix) or other blood thinner, you must consult with your cardiologist or primary care physician regarding discontinuing these medications. If you have been instructed to continue any of these medications, you must advise your gastroenterologist prior to the procedure so that he can discuss with your doctor.

On the day before the procedure:

You will need to go on a clear liquid diet the entire day. You can drink clear liquids up to 2 hours prior to the appointment. Avoid juices with pulp such as orange or grapefruit juice. No dairy products, cream or soy. Coffee and tea are acceptable. Examples of clear liquids include broth or bouillon, Jell-O, clear juices, sports drinks such as Gatorade, sodas such as Sprite, 7-Up, or gingerale, lemonade, Popsicles, coffee or tea and of course, water. Avoid red or purple colored liquids. You may use sugar, honey or lemon. You should consume at least 64 ounces of liquid during the day prior to your colonoscopy

Step 1:

  1. The MoviPrep carton contains 4 pouches and a disposable container for mixing. You must complete the entire prep to ensure the most effective cleansing. Beginning at: 5 to 8pm
  2. Empty 1 Pouch A and 1 Pouch B into the disposable container add lukewarm drinking water (or Crystal Light Lemonade/Orange or Lemon-Lime Gatorade) to the top line of the container. Mix to dissolve.
    If preferred, mix solution ahead of time and refrigerate prior to drinking. The reconstituted solution should be used within 24 hours.

Step 2:

  1. The MoviPrep container is divided by 4 marks. Every 15 minutes, drink the solution down to the next mark (approximately 8 oz), until the full liter is complete. Drinking through a straw will minimize the taste.Drink 16 oz of a clear liquid of your choice
  2. If your colonoscopy is at 11am or earlier, beginning at 5am on the day of the exam, repeat steps 1 and 2.
  3. If your colonoscopy is after 11am, beginning at 6am on the day of the exam, repeat steps 1 and 2

Day of the procedure:

  1. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 3 hours prior to your procedure time!
  2. You should be accompanied by a friend or relative to drive or assist you home. You will not be allowed to drive for 12 hours after the procedure.
  3. You should take your regular medications with small sips of water unless you are instructed otherwise.
  4. Please arrive at your procedure location 1 HOUR PRIOR to your procedure’s scheduled time.

Special Instructions:

  • If you are a diabetic taking insulin, hold the morning dose of insulin the day of the procedure
  • If you have an artificial heart valve, or have a previous history of endocarditis, or other specific indication, please notify our office to determine if you require a pre-procedure antibiotic.
  • Be sure to remember any allergies to medications and to Latex, or conditions that would make you sensitive to sedation such as sleep apnea syndrome.

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