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In addition to problem focused evaluations, yearly physical examinations are recommended particularly with advancing age to diagnose and detect disease early to maintain a state of wellness.  Our doctors, leading GI specialists in NYC takes a careful history of your current and past medical conditions, paying close attention to nutritional issues such as diet, exercise, herbal, vitamin and supplemental intake, weight control and possible nutritional deficiencies.
A thorough history of environmental and social risk factors as well as a thorough family history is also obtained in order to modify and reduce all possible risk factors for disease. This may include questions with regard to alcohol and tobacco use, substance abuse, prescribed medicines, vaccination history, sleeping disorders, cardiac and pulmonary history, allergies, and digestive diseases. There are many “silent” diseases that require screening in order to be detected which are thoroughly evaluated.

Our doctors perform a  comprehensive physical examination with appropriate blood testing and diagnostic exams. If endoscopy or colonoscopy is indicated, this is discussed with patients at length and scheduled in the presence of our board certified anesthesiologists for your safety and comfort.

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