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3 Dangers of Overeating During The Holidays

Some American traditions are unique to this country. Nowhere else in the world, for example, do fami

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3 Conditions with the Same Symptoms as Heartburn

You likely recognize the burning sensation in your chest following a big meal. Heartburn, also calle

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Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity?

Do you feel bad after eating wheat products? Are you unusually fatigued for no apparent reason? Do y

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Healthy Recipes for the Holidays

Any and all gastrointestinal symptoms should be diagnosed by your gastroenterologist for accurate di

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10 Foods That Support Digestive Health

Foods that support a healthy digestive system help clean out your bowels and reduce acid indigestion

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Stress & Its Effects on Gastroenterology

Psychological stress — the mental or emotional anxiety caused by pressure from work, relationships

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